The German Ambassador to Albania, Mr. Peter Zingraf, Visits the Water Supply and Sewerage Companies of Lezha and Shkodra

Ambassador Zingraf (on the right) and Zef Maci, Director, Lezha WSSC interviewed by journalists during the visit
Photo Credit: Albanian Telegraphic Agency

On 7 October 2019, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Albania, Mr. Peter Zingraf, visited the premises of the Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Lezha (Lezha WSSC) where he was received by the Director Ing. Zef Maçi and the staff of the company.  Representatives from the German Development Bank (KfW) and journalists from various media were also present.

During the meeting organized on this occasion, the Ambasador praised the investment at Lezha WSSC during 2015-2018, implemented by the Albanian Government in cooperation with the German and Swiss partners, which has brought very good results, offering a model of success that can be extended to other cities, as well as to other development projects in this city.

“I think that in the case of this project we are dealing with a very good cooperation result of both our governments represented by the Municipality of Lezha, Lezha WSSC on one hand and the German Development Bank (KFW) on the other hand” – said the Ambassador.

In addition, the Ambassador emphasized the positive contribution that the project had not only in directly improving the quality of life of Lezha’s citizens, but seeing it at a larger dimension in its impact, such as tourism development, water supply to rural areas, as well as to other projects that will bring Lezha region closer to EU standards and to reduce the flood risk.

Interviewed by journalists during the visit, Director Maci said: “We serve 24 hours drinking water for more than 55,000 inhabitants. The water goes directly to the customers’ taps. Water is not only drinkable, but it complies to all EU standards. “

At the end of the visit, the Ambassador inspected the reservoir of Lezha WSSC, where he emphasised again the succes of the project, as a model to be replicated in other similiar projects.

Ambassador Zingraf and Mark Molla, Director, Shkodra WSSC interviewed by reporters during the visit to Shiroka Wastewater Treatment Plant
Photo Credit: Shkodra WSSC

The next day, on 8 October, the Ambassador Zingraf visited the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Shiroka, where he was received by Mr. Mark Molla, Director of Shkodra Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Shkodra WSSC).  The construction of the Plant was funded by the European Union and has been fully operational since three years ago.

The Ambassador praised the investment and stated that in the future we should continue to invest in such investments in the sector that have a direct impact on environmental protection.

On the other hand, Director Molla said that the German Government has approved the investment of another project for a Wastewater Treatment Plant in the city of Shkodra which will finally solve the issue of wastewater.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Ambassador Zingraf stated that his country will continue to support such important projects and provide sustainable solution for clean cities in Albania.