The Drin River Basin: A Shared Resource and A Shared Responsibility

Drin River

Starting point of the Black Drin on Lake Ohrid, Struga, Macedonia

The Young Water Professionals (YWP) Group of Albania has been engaged in a Project titled, “The Drin River Basin: A Shared Resource and A Shared Responsibility”.   The Project started in the Fall of 2015 and they have been developing it, working closely with two different student groups from  Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) from the United States.  During the Fall of 2015 the YWP, with the WPI student group that year, conducted research on the physical features of the Drin River as a basis for planning a “float” down the river, to photo document the river and to interview people who live, work and play along the river.

With a detailed “float” plan developed, the YWP made a series of floats in the Spring and Summer of 2016, along different segments of the river, to undertake the filming and interviewing for a planned documentary.

In October 2016, a second team of students from WPI arrived in Albania and immediately started to work with the YWP to review all of the filming produced, conduct additional interviews, and develop the script and story of the documentary.

Now the YWP team and the student group from Worcester Polytechnic Institute are on the final phase of the Project in the production of the documentary, which will be presented on 14 December to a large, invited audience at  the Civil Engineering Faculty in Tirana.

Go to the link below and you may watch a short, exciting trailer of the Project:

Beyond their engagement on the Project, on 23 November, Mr. Fjordi Bisha, a representative of the YWP Albania Group and Ms. Sydney Brooks, representing the team of students from WPI, were invited to participate on the Top Channel Albania TV show titled “Wake Up”, to talk and raise public awareness on the Project.  You may watch the show at the below link: