HURRY UP! Register now for training courses to be delivered in March and April, 2019

SHUKALB has planned the delivery of two more training courses during the months of March and April 2019. First training is “Sampling and Laboratory Procedures for Water and Wastewater” and will be followed by the second training on “Customer Service and Public Relations”.

The “Sampling and Laboratory Procedures for Water and Wastewater” training course is planned to be delivered on 21 March, in Tirana.  Knowledge of laboratory procedures and their proper implementation is a necessity for all water supply and sewerage companies.  Sampling and laboratory analysis are representative of the entire water supply and sewerage system in regard of water quality and customer safety.

The training course will introduce participants to the laboratory procedures, the necessary equipment to carry them out, and sampling procedures, and will show the appropriate steps for conducting relevant lab tests. The training will be a combination of lecturing with practice and demonstration of the laboratory equipment and analysis at Bovilla Water Treatment Plant.

This course is designed for water supply and sewerage professionals and is particularly useful for the staff of drinking and wastewater analysis laboratories.

The Customer Service and Public Relations training course will be delivered on 08-09 April, in Tirana.  Customer service is one of the key functions of any water supply and sewerage company. This training course emphasizes the role of customer service and public relations in the success of water supply and sewerage company.  The training course will address issues related to customer service principles, impact of organization and service personnel on the company’s commercial performance, client database management, customer impressions and complaints, management of meter reading, billing and collection.

This course is valuable for the customer service managers, operators and specialists, press and public relations specialists, specialists and managers of the metering and reading service sectors.

Registrations to the above training courses are now open!  You can register online on SHUKALB’s website or by contacting SHUKALB at e-mail address and/ or SHUKOS at