SHUKALB and SHUKOS Exchange Experience on Capacity Development

Participants discussing during the Peer Exchange activity. From R to L, Elisabeta Poci, Deputy Executive Director, SHUKALB, Erdonita Humolli , Assistant for Programs & Projects, SHUKOS; Nadire Vitija – Manager for Training and Professional Development (RCDN focal point) , SHUKOS; Fatbardha M.Uka – Administrative Assistant, SHUKOS and Jonida Ahmeti, Training and Capacity Development Manager, SHUKALB
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

On 11 and 12 September, SHUKALB received in Tirana the staff of SHUKOS for a two-day peer exchange activity, in the framework of the Regional Capacity Development Network Project (RCDN), specifically under its 1st component for “Associations Development”. The peer exchange was organized as SHUKOS recognized a need for strengthening its training and professional development unit, in order to advance their capacity development offer to all regional water companies and other water sector stakeholders in Kosova.

The overall objective of the Peer Exchange was to improve the training functions within SHUKOS, through the sharing of best practices and lessons learned by SHUKALB.

During the first day of the activity, SHUKALB’s core staff introduced the training and capacity development function, including the procedures and tools used to manage the numerous training and capacity development programs.

Apart from the management practices and tools shared with SHUKOS representatives, the discussions allowed both host and participating association to speak about the particular challenges encountered in the view of managing many trainings and capacity development programs such as, human resources, trainers, and financial resources.  Simultaneously, the participants generated ideas in support of the challenges identified.

Peer Exchange Participants
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

During the second day, based on the key points noted down from the peer exchange, the two associations worked together in developing an Action Plan outlining the key activities to be carried out by SHUKOS, along with a detailed plan of the deadline, responsibilities and mitigation measures, all contributing to improving the training functions of SHUKOS. The two associations are committed to work together and carry out the mutual responsibilities deriving from the prepared Action Plan, and further more to strengthen their joint activities as part of the Joint Training Program and D-LeaP HUBs.