SHUKALB and SHUKOS Organize the 1st Workshop for 2020 in Framework of the Joint Benchmarking HUB for Kosova and Albania

Valbona Paja, Responsible for Planning and Reporting, Shkodra Water Supply and Sewerage Company presenting during the workshop
Photo Credit: SHUKOS

On 20 May 2020, SHUKALB and SHUKOS, organized the workshop on “How to start up with Benchmarking”, starting though the implementation of 6th cycle of the Joint Benchmarking HUB program for Kosovo and Albania.

The workshop was organized online through the WebEx platform offered by IAWD and the World Bank.

The workshop was attended by over 25 participants, representatives of Water Supply and Sewerage Companies from Kosovo and Albania, representatives from the SHUKALB, SHUKOS, IAWD and Danube HUB.  The meeting was moderated by the HUB Coordinator for Kosovo and Albania, Mrs. Nadire Vitija in cooperation with the Sub-Coordinator Mr. Avni Dervishi.

SHUKALB was represented at the workshop by Elisabeta Poçi, Deputy Executive Director of SHUKALB, who during her speech praised the good cooperation between the two associations through different joint initiatives, and stressed that the Benchmarking program is undoubtedly the most successful thanks to the HUB’s dedication and coordinators of the water utilities.

During the meeting, it was presented the new Platform of the Benchmarking Program (UBP) which helps water utilities in identifying areas where performance improvement is needed.  This platform will be applied for the first time during 2020 in which it will be required to complete the data of 2019.  In this regard, all participants shared together the first ideas for this new platform which will be challenging for them this year.

All participants presented shortly the experience and situation of their utilities during the COVID-9 pandemic, as well as addressed different questions, comments and recommendations.