SHUKALB Delivers Successfully the “Management” Training Course for the Senior Managers of the Utilities

Participants (above), Jonida Ahmeti, Manager of Training, SHUKALB (on the bottom-left), and trainer Arian Gjorga, Consultant and Expert in Management (at the bottom right) during the “Management” training course
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

On 9, 10, 16 and 17 June 2020, SHUKALB delivered successfully the “Management” training course, organized online via Zoom platform.

The training was attended by the directors of commercial, financial and technical departments, as well as administrators, from Water Supply and Sewerage Utilities of Shkodra, Lezha, Kruja, Lushnja and Saranda.  The training was delivered by trainer Arian Gjorga, Consultant and Expert in Management.

The training provided participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with everyday challenges and improve the utility performance in the areas of management processes, communication, human relations, organizational culture, problem solving, planning and organizing, decision making and financial management.

Besides the presentations on the key management principles, although delivered over a virtual platform, the trainer managed to engage the participants in discussions, by providing them space to share their experiences and techniques used in their respective water utilities.

The feedback received by the participants was quite positive.  The participants assessed the training as very valuable to their day to day responsibilities, as well as the trainer for its ability to transfer the knowledge in a simple and assimilable form.