SHUKALB Delivers Successfully Two Training Courses in February, 2020

Trainer Prof. Tania Floqi, (standing) and the participants during the “Sampling and Laboratory Procedures for Water and Wastewater” training course
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

During February 2020, SHUKALB successfully delivered the first two training courses for this year. The first training course on “Sampling and Laboratory Procedures for Water and Wastewater” was held on 26 February, in Tirana. The training was attended by the laboratory and technical department staff of water supply and sewerage utilities of Shkodra, Lezha, Fier, Përmet and Saranda. The training was delivered by Prof. Tania Floqi, Expert in Water Quality and Lecturer at European University of Tirana.

The training course addressed topics related to the importance of proper use of laboratory equipment, identification of potential laboratory hazards and understanding of different laboratory tests including alkalinity; chlorine residual; chlorine demand; coliform; hardness; jar test; ph; temperature and turbidity.

Apart from the presentations the participants were engaged in discussions on the laboratory procedures used by each of their utility, and practical cases were brought by the trainer on the importance of laboratory safety.

The training combined a field visit, to the Biochemical Laboratory of Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Utility, where the participants were shown and explained the laboratory equipment, the practices, sampling devices and techniques performed at the Laboratory. A laboratory test on chlorine residual was carried out for demonstration for all the participants.

Trainer Daniela Gega, (standing) and participants during the delivery of “Asset Management” training course
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

The second training course on “Asset Management” was held on 28 February 2020, in Tirana. , The training was attended by administrators, technical and commercial directors, of water supply and sewerage utilities of Shkodra, Lezha, Gramsh, Fier, Përmet, Gjirokastra and Saranda. The training was delivered by the trainers Daniela Gega and Esida Lekbello, Consultants at Valu Add Management Services, as well as Elvis Ndreka, Engineer, part of the ‘Integrated Asset Management in Water Supply and Sewerage Utilities of Albania”Project Implementation Team.

The training addressed all the basic elements of asset management including asset inventory; asset data management system; level of service; critical assets; asset life-cycle management; and long-term financing strategy. Practical examples from the implementation of the integrated asset management Project in Albania were presented to acquaint the participants.

Bora Kolbucaj, Head of Finance, Lezha Water Utility and Marsela Osmanllari, Commercial Director, Gjirokastra Water Utility working on an exercise.
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

In addition to the presentations, the participants conducted some exercises on asset inventory and critical assets, as well they shared experiences and practices of their respective utilities, and were engaged in interactive discussions.

The overall feedback for both training courses was very positive.  From the comments gathered by participants the training courses were found to offer valuable knowledge and tools for their daily work.