SHUKALB Participates at Project Cycle Management Training in Framework of “Regional Capacity Development Network for Water and Sanitation Services (RCDN)” Project

Aladin Ormanovic, External Expert, GIZ ORF MMS (standing) and participants during a work group session.
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

During 28 June to 1 July 2021, at Hotel Xheko Imperial, the core staff of SHUKALB participated at a four days training on Project Cycle Management (PCM) organized in framework of the “Regional Capacity Development Network for Water and Sanitation Services (RCDN)” Project.

The aim of the training was to train the Associations of Public Utility Companies (APUCs) to learning the 1st phase of the Project Cycle, Preparation and Design, and to be able to develop an EU project proposal.

Besides SHUKALB staff, the training was attended by representatives from Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company, as well as the Water and Wastewater Works Association of Kosovo (SHUKOS), Regional Water Companies of Prishtina, Hidroregjoni Jugor and Gjakova, who attended the training online.

The training was delivered by Aladin Ormanovic, External Expert, GIZ ORF MMS, as well as supported by Zoran Bogdanovski, Capacity Development Advisor, GIZ ORF MMS.

Participants were introduced to topics such as Components of the PCM, Theory of Change, Stakeholder analysis, Problem Analysis, Objective Analysis and Strategy selection, Logical Framework, Resource planning, Budgeting, EU call for proposal and EU application package.

Under the trainer’s guidance, the participant were actively engaged in practical exercises and group work, and were enabled to develop an actual project proposal.