SHUKALB Supports Albanian Water Utilities Celebrating World Water Day 2019

Celebration of the World Water Day in Korça. Photo Credit: Korça Water Supply and Sewerage Company

Every year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of water and is a unique opportunity to draw attention and create momentum that compels governments, the international community, civil society, and individuals to take action.
This World Water Day, 22nd March, was about tackling the water crisis by addressing the reasons why so many people are being left behind. Access to water underpins public health and is therefore critical to sustainable development and a stable and prosperous world. We cannot move forward as a global society while so many people are living without safe water.

Celebration of the World Water Day in Lezha Photo Credit: Lezha Water Supply and Sewerage Company

As traditionally, SHUKALB supported its water utility members to organize public awareness and education activities in the cities of Saranda, Korça, Berat and Kuçova, by conveying the messages of World Water Day. SHUKALB prepared and distributed customized posters to the water utilities with the message of this year “Water for All”, Leaflets and T-shirts containing the official message for World Water Day 2019.

Celebration of the World Water Day in Saranda. Photo Credit: Saranda Water Supply and Sewerage Company

Activities were organized as well in cities such as Shkodra, Cerrik, Durres dhe Lezha where the water utilities were supported and assisted by the GIZ.
The efforts of the water utilities staff all over the country were also joined by groups of volunteer students who engaged in the awareness campaigns led by the water utilities in their respective cities. The students were very visible in their custom printed T-shirts bearing the logo of World Water Day.