Still Time to Register for Two Training Courses to Be Delivered in October, 2019

Participants and the trainers at the end of “Water Quality in the Distribution System” training course delivered in 10-11 May 2018.
Photo credit: SHUKALB

The mission and main responsibility of the water supply and sewerage utilities is to supply safe and secure drinking water, in accordance with the standards and existing regulations. A drinking water supply system is considered to be of a good quality when, it does not contain pathogenic organisms which may cause diseases, does not contain toxic chemicals, it is attractive in taste and appearance and it is ready to be used by households.

In helping utilities fulfill such an important mission, SHUKALB will organize the 2-day training course “Water Quality in the Water Distributionin 17-18 October, 2019 for all professionals of water supply and sewerage utilities that will be delivered by Prof. Tania Floqi, Water Quality Expert and Eng. Astrit Menalla, Freelance Consultant.  The training course is in particular useful for directors of the technical and distribution department, operation and maintenance engineers, metering engineers, billing specialist, and billing and collection managers,consulting engineers, design engineers, public health officials, or other similar regulatory institutions.

The training course will enable the participants to understand the chemical, physical and biological water transformations, when it enters and circulates in the distribution network. Moreover, they will learn to identify programs for network monitoring and surveillance, and understand disinfection process and points of chlorine applications in detail.

Wastewater treatment plants are complex systems, composed of different units and processes, which are related and have an impact on each other’s operation. The water supply and sewerage utilities’ staff needs to operate wastewater treatment plants effectively by protecting the environment and the infrastructure investment. Therefore, an understanding of the principles, practices and processes involved in wastewater treatment is required to efficiently operate specific treatment units.

SHUKALB will organize the 1-day training course “Overview of Wastewater Treatment” in 25 October, 2019, for all professionals of water supply and sewerage utilities, and it will be delivered by Prof. Enkeleda Gjinali, Principal Lecturer, Environmental Engineering Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering, and Eng. Enkeleda Basha, Manager, Wastewater Treatment Plant of Durres. The course is especially useful for technicians, engineers and specialists working in wastewater treatment plants, as well as for the specialists of wastewater collection sector, who aspire working in a treatment plant.

This training course will enable the participants to understand the wastewater characteristics, basic concepts for its treatment, and the variety of the treatment methods.

We look forward to your registration and your active participation in these trainings!