Three Major Investments of Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company to Bring Significant Impact for the City of Tirana

During the inauguration of the works for construction of the transmission line Bovilla Lake – Water Treatment Plant, with the participation of (from R to L) Redi Molla, General Director, Tirana WSSC; Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana; Belinda Balluku, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, and Alberto Cutillo, Italian Ambassador to Albania
Photo Credit: Tirana WSSC

The three recent investments launched in parallel by Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Tirana WSSC) are expected to bring a significant impact in the improvement of water supply for the City of Tirana by the end of this year.

A large part of the city will receive continuous supply with drinking water, thanks to the new investment started by Tirana WSSC.  The investment covers the areas of Yzberisht, Koder Kamza, Bathore, Institute, Kashar Selite, Dry Lake etc.  The current number of residents that will be supplied through the new pipeline is about 250,000 and in a 25 year period it is estimated to serve around 410,000 inhabitants.

This is one of the three major investments expected to be finalized by 2019, being implemented in parallel with the construction of the transmission line from Bovilla Lake to Bovilla Water Treatment Plant, as well as the expansion of production capacity of the Plant itself.

Among the biggest challenges of Tirana WSSC for the coming years is the modernization of the distribution network, as well as carrying out of new investments in areas where the network is completely lacking, in order to solve once and for all the water supply issue for its residents.

Tirana is a city expanding every day and this brings the need for efficient policies towards the best management of water distribution.  This is the vision of the company’s leaders, which aims to provide Tirana with a much better quality and 24 hours per day water supply service in the future.

Works for the expansion of Bovilla Water Treatment Plant
Photo Credit: Tirana WSSC

The total amount to be invested for the rehabilitation of the water supply network of Tirana is 10.5 million Euros.  This is an investment initiated as per the same standards of European Union countries, that will improve the water supply capacity for the city of Tirana and the surrounding areas, and at the same time will avoid illegal connections and will prevent water losses in the distribution network.

The Expansion of Bovilla Water Treatment Plant is one of the three investments of this major project implemented by Tirana WSSC.  Overall, the project has been designed with a 25-year perspective and with a production capacity up to 3,600 liters per second.  The Project includes the construction of 10 km long transmission line from Bovilla Lake to the Plant; the expansion of the Plant production capacity by 30%; as well as the construction of a water supply pipeline from the Plant to Yzberisht reservoir.

Works for construction of Bovilla – Yzberisht transmission line.
Photo Credit: Tirana WSSC

This investment will avoid the use of the pumping stations and it will highly impact the company’s efficiency by significantly contributing to savings of electricity, estimated at around 1.1 million euros per year.

Lastly, the construction of the transmission line from Bovilla Plant to Yzberisht reservoir will benefit the inhabitants of Yzberisht, Koder Kamez, Bathore, Institut, Kashar Selite and Liqeni i thate.  The supply of the above areas directly from Bovilla Plant will ensure the sustainability and the quality of the water supply for all the residents in these newly developed areas.