Hurry up to Register for the Upcoming Training Courses

Participants during the “Management“ training course, organized on 12 -13 July 2018
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

SHUKALB and SHUKOS have planned to deliver three more training courses during September and October 2019. The training course to be delivered in September 2019 is “Management”, while the training courses planned for October is “Business Planning for Performance Improvement” and “Water Quality in the Water Distribution”.

The “Management” training course will be delivered on 19-20 September, in Tirana, Albania, and will address issues related to managers’ daily responsibilities such as communication, team building and management, problem solving, and decision-making.

This training course stresses the role of management in providing quality service to consumers, and is particularly useful for general directors of water supply and sewerage companies, technical directors and managers. Participants will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with everyday challenges and improve the performance of the utility they manage.

Participants during the “Business Planning for Performance Improvement” Training Course organized during October – November 2017.
Photo credit: SHUKALB

The “Business Planning for Performance Improvement” training will start on 4 October 2019.  The training enables the participants to work on the key elements for developing and/ or updating a 5 year Business Plan for the Water Supply and Sewerage Utilities. The training will take the participants through all the steps of planning starting with the analysis of the current situation, identification of strategic objectives, translating the strategic objectives into specific plans for performance improvement, and finally monitoring and updating of the business plan.

This training course is developed for professionals of water supply and sewerage utilities, and it is particularly useful for directors and managers of the economic, engineering, sales, and customer service departments.  We encourage you to register as soon as possible since the seats to this training course are limited

Participants and the trainers during the delivery of “Water Quality in the Distribution System” training course, organized on 10-11 May 2018
Photo credit: SHUKALB

The “Water Quality in the Water Distribution”, training course will be delivered on 14-15 October, 2019.  This training course will benefit all the individuals who work at the Water Supply and Sewerage Utilities, to better understand the chemical, physical and biological water transformations, when it enters and circulates in the distribution network.  Moreover, will explain and identify programs for network monitoring and surveillance.  Disinfection process and points of chlorine applications will also be explained in details.

This training course is especially useful for directors of the technical and distribution department, operation and maintenance engineers, metering engineers, billing specialist, and billing and collection managers.

You can now register to the above training courses online on SHUKALB’s website or by contacting SHUKALB at email address or SHUKOS at