Global Partners

SHUKALB believes that professional partnerships at the regional and international level contribute to professional growth and cross-border understanding.  For this reason, SHUKALB is active in several partnerships which include:

  • Western Balkans Partnership of Water Associations

The Western Balkans Partnership of Water Associations is a platform for cooperation of Water Associations of the four neighboring countries, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. The Partnership aims to enhance effective regional joint planning, development and implementation of programs and activities with the purpose of increasing the capacity of providers of water supply and wastewater services in the region to serve their customers in a professional and efficient manner.

  • International Water Association (IWA)

IWA is a global reference point for water professionals, spanning the continuum between research and practice, and covering all facets of the water cycle. Through its network of members and experts in research, practice, regulation, industry, consulting and manufacturing, IWA helps water professionals create innovative, pragmatic and sustainable solutions to challenging global needs. Albania is part of IWA since 2010, and recently was named to the Governing Board of IWA.

  • European Water Association (EWA)

EWA is an independent, non-governmental organization dealing with the management and improvement of water environment. It is one of the major professional associations in Europe that covers the whole water sector, wastewater as well as drinking water, and water and wastewater treatment related wastes. Albania is part of EWA since 2006. Recently, Albania was named to be part of the Executive Steering Committee of EWA.

  • Global Water Operator’s Partnership Alliance (GWOPA)

GWOPA is a network of partners committed to helping water operators help one another improve their collective capacity to provide access to water and sanitation services for all.  The Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albanian has been a member of the GWOPA since 2010. Through GWOPA, Albania is a key partner in the Southeast Europe Water Operators Partnership that is directed by the International Water Association.

  • Young Water Professional Group of Albania

Identifying the continuous need for professional in the water sector of Albania, SHUKALB created the Young Water Professionals Group in the country. The local Group is part of the Young Water Professionals initiative of the International Water Association (IWA), and aims to provide information, resources and events that will improve networking and career opportunities for the next generation of water professionals.