Mark Your Calendar for Training Courses to Be Delivered in February and March 2019

SHUKALB and SHUKOS have planned the delivery of three training courses during February and March 2019.  The training course planned to be delivered in February is “Water Loss Management I & II”, while those planned for March are “Management” and “Asset Management”.

The first training course “Water Loss Management I & II” will be delivered on 21-22 February 2019, in Tirana, and will provide participants with the basic knowledge for water loss monitoring and management.  Some of the key topics that will be addressed during the two days of the training course are Water Audit Methods, District Metering Area (DMA) management and Pressure Management.

This training course is useful for the directors of technical and distribution departments, senior engineers, maintenance and measurement engineers, balance technicians, as well as billing and collection managers.  More information on the training course can be found here.

The “Management” training course will be delivered on 11-12 March 2019, in Tirana, and will address issues related to managers’ daily responsibilities such as communication, team building and management, problem solving, and decision-making.  The training course is particularly useful for general directors of water supply and sewerage companies, technical directors and managers.

More information on this training course can be found here.

The “Asset Management” training course will be delivered on 21 March, in Tirana, and addresses all the basic elements of asset management with the main purpose of raising awareness on the importance of asset management.  This training course is particularly valuable by Directors of Water Utilities, Engineers, Chief Financial Officers and Managers.

More information on this training course can be found here.

Registrations to the above training courses are now open!  You can register online on SHUKALB’s website or by contacting SHUKALB at email address and/ or SHUKOS at