Mark Your Calendar for the Training on “Capital Infrastructure Investment Projects in the Water Sector”

Training on “Capital Infrastructure Investment Projects in the Water Sector” delivered in 2018 by the Association of Albanian Municipalities (AAM)
Photo Credit: AAM

During September 2020, SHUKALB plans to deliver a three-days training on “Capital Infrastructure Investment Projects in the Water Sector” in the framework of the “Regional Capacity Development Network (RCDN) for Water and Sanitation Services” project.

The overall objective of this training is to enable participants to carry out complex infrastructure investment projects. The training will provide the participants with the necessary framework, general knowledge and skills to carry out necessary preparations for infrastructure investment project implementation, develop all elements of future infrastructure investment projects, and implement all stages of an infrastructure investment project.

The training is in particular valuable to the:

  • Middle management in municipalities: heads of municipal services departments, staff in charge of key aspects of project implementation;
  • Middle management in public utility companies: heads of relevant sectors/units; technical, legal, financial;
  • Project implementation unit staff involved in the implementation and monitoring of technical, legal and financial aspects of capital infrastructure investment projects;
  • Heads and specialist in relevant sectors from the National Agency of Water Supply and Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure, and the Water Regulatory Authority.

Registrations to this training are now open!

You can register online on SHUKALB’s website or by email at the following address