Gramsh Water Supply Company Invests in Reconstruction of the Internal Water Supply Network

Photo of the works for the reconstruction of the internal water supply network in the city of Gramsh
Photo Credit: Gramsh WSC

On October 2019, Gramsh Water Supply Company started the implementation of the investment for the reconstruction of the internal water supply network for the city of Gramsh.  This investment is funded by the Albanian Government and implemented by the National Agency of Water Supply, Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure.  The total value of the investment is about 221.2 million ALL and it is planned to be completed within 3 years.

The investment was approved thanks to the continuous efforts made by Gramsh Water Supply Company (Gramsh WSC) to improve the water services quality to its customers, as well as the Gramsh Municipality, which enabled the design of the reconstruction project.

This investment will cover an area of about 15,000 inhabitants, and due to the increased pressure the water supply service will reach to new areas such as the villages of Pishaj and Llapushaj.

The investment aims to provide 24 hour water supply to customers, reducing significantly the costs of network maintenance and operation for the utility, and improving the quality of drinking water, which is crucial to protection of public health.  The current water supply network is much depreciated due to its long service life of nearly 50 years, and consequently causes high maintenance costs and potential water pollution. Repairing of broken pipes causes also interruptions of the water supply service.

The investment includes the installation of HDPE plastic pipes, as well as the construction of a new 2,000 m3 reservoir that will enable a 24/7 water supply and optimize the water pressure in the distribution network.  The investment foresees interventions throughout the city’s distribution network, except of few areas that already have a new network thanks to a previous investment during 2016-2017.  Furthermore, the investment inclueds the installation of water meters for the customers at the rate of 100% from 80% currently.