Durres Water Supply and Sewerage Company: Investments for the Construction of the New Sewerage Network

During the works for the construction of the new sewerage network in Durres
Photo Credit: Durres WSSC

The investment works for the construction of the sewerage network in the area covering neighborhoods no. 7 and 10 in the city of Durres is heading towards its finalization.  The project was designed by the technical department of Durres Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Durres WSSC) and stretches along the streets of “Punetoret e Rilindjes”, “Isuf Molla” and “Aferdita” in the neighborhood no.7 as well as at streets of “Luftetaret e Lirise”, ” Horizonti i Kalter”, “Akropolis” and “Pompeu”, that are part of neighborhood no. 10.

The project was planned upon the request made by the residents, as the area did not have a proper sewerage network.  The area is located on the northwestern part of the city which has a hilly relief.  There is a population of about 800 inhabitants and the buildings are mainly one and two floors private houses.  So far the residents have used septic tanks, which do not comply with the technical conditions and cause waste water leakage in the environment, causing problems also in the area’s infrastructure.

The new sewerage network will be connected to the existing collector, which ends up in the wastewater treatment plant in Shenavlash.  The project has taken into account those facilities that were not previously included in the sewerage project, thus arranging the entire area with a new sewerage network.

The construction of this sewerage network will make unnecessary the need for septic tanks, guaranteeing this way a clean environment.  In total, the project foresees the construction of a 1,700 meter sewerage network as well as 80 discharge manholes.

Spartak Kovaçi, Director of Durres WSSC during inspections of the construction works for the new sewerage network
Photo Credit: Durres WSSC

On this occasion, the Director of the Durres WSSC, Spartak Kovaçi, said that through this investment it is addressed the issue of sewerage and drinking water for the hilly areas of the city, while the chief engineer of Durres WSSC, Gerald Dautaj, said that after the investment for the drinking water network done several years ago, this area now has a functional sewerage network.  “A few years ago, in this area we started the investment regarding the drinking water supply, which has been completed and now the area is being supplied with drinking water regularly, while the last part was the construction of the sewerage network.  Now the entire area is covered 100% by water supply and sewerage services”, – concluded Eng. Dautaj.