Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company Inaugurates the New Expansion of Bovilla Water Treatment Plant

View of the new expansion of Bovilla Water Treatment Plant
Photo Credit: Tirana WSS Company

On 16 July, Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company together with the Municipality of Tirana organized the inauguration ceremony of the new expansion of the Bovilla Water Treatment Plant along with the two transmission lines. The inauguration ceremony was attended by high level personalities to include Mr. Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania, Ms. Belinda Balluku, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Mr. Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Alqi Bllako, General Director, National Agency of Water Supply, Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure (AKUM), as well as representatives from various institutions.

Through this project, Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Tirana WSSC) has become the first water utility in Albania and among the fewest in the region that have met the creditworthiness criteria to secure a loan for such investments, from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The entire project was composed of the three important phases that follow:

The expansion of the Bovilla Water Treatment Plant

Currently, the expansion of Bovilla water treatment plant has been finalized and the new added facility has increased the water treatment capacity by 40%, supplying from 1800 l/sec to 2500 l/sec of drinking water currently treated. The water intake work is located around 280 meters above sea level and the water is transmitted through pipelines with dimensions 900 – 1200 mm.

The new water treatment tank with a capacity of 700 l/sec is made up of civic works and the necessary equipment, pipes and instruments of electrical plants. This project for the expansion of Bovilla drinking water treatment plant is in full compliance with the strategy of the Municipality of Tirana as well as with the objectives of the Tirana WSSC for increasing the water supply capacity for the citizens of Tirana.

Construction of the water supply pipeline from the water treatment plant to Yzberisht reservoir

During the inauguration of the expansion of Bovilla Plant, with the participation of (from left to right) Mr. Redi Molla, General Director, Tirana WSSC; Mrs. Belinda Balluku, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Mr. Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana and Mr. Alqi Bllako, General Director, AKUM.
Photo Credit: Tirana WSSC

This pipeline started to operate in September 2019 and its main purpose is to supply the residential area of Yzberisht, Koder Kamez, Bathore, Institut, Kashar, Selite and Liqeni i Thate, through the Bovilla Plant. Another important impact of this investment is that after its completion it will avoid the use of the pumping stations of Berxull, Laknas, Coca-Cola, Buka, Pema, Silikati and Pishina, cutting down significant electrical energy costs.

The supply of the above areas directly from Bovilla Plant will ensure the sustainability and the quality of the water supply for all the residents in these newly developed areas. The current number of inhabitants of the south-western area of the city (Yzberisht, Kombinat, Kashar, Koder Kamez, etc.) that will be supplied with water through this new pipeline is currently around 250,000 inhabitants.

The pipeline is constructed of steel pipe DN 1100 mm, with a length of 5,040 meters.

Construction of the water supply pipeline from the Bovilla basin to the water treatment plant

In the framework of a Financial Agreement between the Government of Albania and Artigiancassa Bank, Italy, “On the Financing of Technical Assistance Components for the Water and Infrastructure Interventions of the Hydric Network, no. FROT. / AID 99/004, Law No.8619, dated 14.06.2000, AKUM completed the third part of this complex Project, titled “Rehabilitation of Tirana Hydraulic Network”, with beneficiaries Tirana WSSC – Municipality of Tirana.

This part of works included the construction of a new supply pipeline between Bovilla basin and the water treatment plant and it consists of a new cast-iron pipe DN 1200 and DN 900, which for the most part goes in parallel with the existing steel pipeline DN 900 in order to double the water flow and meet the needs for water supply, setting though a new daily average rate of 3600 l/s under normal operating conditions (at 309.00 m above sea level). The pipeline is 10 km long and creates an alternative way of supply for most part of the city, ensuring continuous supply even in case of failures in the existing pipeline.

Close to the Bovilla basin the pipeline is connected through the main collector of the dam, while at the water treatment plant through a dedicated bypass.

The completion of these three investments has a radical impact on the reconceptualization of the water supply regime for the city of Tirana, enabling sustainable supply of 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 62% of the population, about 510.000 inhabitants.