Vlora Water Supply and Sewerage Company Plans the Project for Flood Prevention

Dorian Xhelili, Director of Vlora WSSC (right), during the meeting with specialists to discuss the Flood Prevention Project
Photo Credit: Vlora WSSC

Vlora Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Vlora WSSC) aims to provide a final solution to the flood related situations in the city of Vlora.  Therefore, the Director of Vlora WSSC, Dorian Xhelili, organized a meeting with various specialists for sharing their thoughts and proposals with regards to interventions needed to preventing the flood situations in Vlora.  The meeting was attended by the representatives of the studio design that has already implemented the investments in the sewerage network of the city, as well as senior specialists and engineers who know the network very well.

At the meeting it was discussed regarding the floods occurred in Vlora, the problems encountered and the solutions that can be offered.  It was also discussed about water flows from the city’s hilly areas, where the surface water canals have been damaged for years and consequently high flows affect the city.  As it was concluded by the participants at the meeting, a proper study must be done, taking into consideration the increase of the population, constructions, and the impact of climate change.  After the meeting, the participants went on a field visit where they inspected the water movement through the sewerage network, and the main collector that transports sewage to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, as well as the pump stations.

Works for cleaning the sewerage network in the city of Vlora
Photo Credit: Vlora WSSC

The situation encountered in the beginning of May 2019 as a result of high intensity rainfall, came also due to the works done at Vlora-Skela Boulevard, since the sewer connections at the new investment were not stabilized with the rest of the sewerage network in these areas. The Municipality of Vlora and Vlora WSSC, in cooperation with the architect who is implementing the works at Vlora-Skela Boulevard, are working to find the final solution in order to connect all the most problematic points at “Albano & Romina” street, near the Public Library and any other problematic area, with the new network at the boulevard.  Furthermore, another project that will improve the water flow in the “Transballkanike” area, as the current network cannot handle high intensity rainfall, is under completion.

Vlora Water Supply and Sewerage Company is determined to provide permanent solutions to the issue of floods due to heavy rainfalls.  The Company carries out nearly every day works for cleaning of its sewerage network.  Not long ago, Vlora WSSC carried out the cleaning of one of its main collectors, the “Naunka” collector.