SHUKALB Organizes Workshop on Lobbying and Advocacy

Elisabeta Poci, Deputy Executive Director of SHUKALB, addressing participants at the beginning of the Workshop “Lobbying and Advocacy and Preparation of an Advocacy Strategy for SHUKALB”
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

On 24 January 2019, in Tirana, SHUKALB organized successfully the workshop “Lobbying and Advocacy and Preparation of an Advocacy Strategy for SHUKALB”.  The workshop was organized in the framework of the “Regional Capacity Development Network for Water and Sanitation Services (RCDN*)” Project.  The workshop was attended by 30 participants, members of SHUKALB, representatives from the water utility companies, private companies and individual members, staff of the association, as well as representatives from the Association of Municipalities of Albania, the Association for Local Autonomy, NALAS and GIZ – ORF MMS. The workshop was delivered by Jasmina Trajkovski, CMC and Ljubomir Trajkovski, Trajkovski and Partners (T&P) Consulting – Skopje.

Valbona Paja, Planning and Reporting, Shkodra Water Supply and Sewerage Company, during the classroom exercise presenting her advocacy topic
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

The overall objective of the workshop was to improve capacities of SHUKALB and its members with regards to lobbying and advocacy, preparation of policy papers, strategy papers and policy recommendations and preparation of an advocacy strategy.  More specifically, the workshop aimed to, provide knowledge on the basic principles of advocacy and lobbying and their differences, provide knowledge on the tools for advocacy and lobbying, identify the capacity development advocacy in the context of SHUKALB and identify capacity development advocacy needs of SHUKALB members.

Besides the presentations and case studies provided by the trainers, the participants were engaged in interactive discussions on potential advocacy topics concerning the sector, and shared their experiences on the issues.  During the workshop the participants, organized in groups, worked on several exercises where each group presented their topic of concern to be advocated.

At the end, the participants received Certificates for successfully completing the workshop.

Following this workshop and its findings, SHUKALB will be drafting an advocacy strategy which will be further shared and consulted with all the involved stakeholders, and it will be then finalized to serve as a strategic document to guide SHUKALB advocacy activities in the water supply and sewerage sector.

Elisabeta Poci together with trainers Jasmina Trajkovski and Ljubomir Trajkovski delivering the Certificate to Jetmir Qafa, Finance Director, Fushe-Arrez WSS Company
Photo Credit: SHUKALB


*RCDN is a project being implemented by the GIZ-Open Regional Fund (ORF), and financed by the Swiss and German Governments, and aims at establishing a self-sustaining Regional Capacity Development Network, with 16 local government and water associations in the region.