Bulqiza Water Supply and Sewerage Company Builds a New Laboratory for Drinking Water Analysis

The sign of gratitude and evidence of this generous gesture by the state of Israel, placed at the entrance of the Laboratory of Bulqiza WSSC.
Photo Credit: Bulqiza WSSC

Starting from August 2021, Bulqiza Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Bulqiza WSSC) has a new fully operational chemical and microbiological laboratory for drinking water. This investment was made possible through the generous financial support from the Embassy of Israel in Albania, that was enabled thanks to the negotiation of SHUKALB.  The Embassy of Israel in Albania responded quickly and positively to the request for support by the Mayor of Bulqiza, and in a short period of time provided a whole set of modern laboratory equipment that enable real-time monitoring of drinking water quality, including chemical and microbiological tests. The value of this investment is about $ 11,000.

The new laboratory will perform chemical and microbiological tests for 5,600 household customers, public institutions and private entities of Bulqize City and rural areas in the Administrative Units Bulqize, Krasta, Fushe Bulqize, Zerqan, Gjorice, Shupenze, Ostren and Trebisht.

Until recently, Bulqiza WSSC performed partial water analysis in the town of Bulqiza for the chlorine level at the end points of the distribution network, while the microbiological analysis was not possible due to the difficulty to send the samples to the town of Peshkopi, along with the high financial costs.

This investment is of significant importance especially in the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is a legal obligation monitor periodically the physical-chemical and microbiological parameters of drinking water in the reservoirs and pumping stations.

A laboratory operator of Bulqiza WSSC performing water chemical analysis using the new equipment.
Photo Credit: Bulqiza WSSC

Bulqiza WSSC will show a special attention to water quality in all public nurseries and kindergartens, restaurants and bakeries, through periodic inspections and performing of analysis.

The new investment is expected to increase the performance of services provided by Bulqiza WSSC in terms of drinking water quality and will improve the monitoring and verification of complaints submitted by consumers regarding the quality and pollution of drinking water throughout the Municipality of Bulqiza.

The Municipality of Bulqiza and Bulqiza WSSC are grateful to the people of Israel, the Embassy of this friendly country and especially the Ambassador, Mr. Noah Gal Gendler for their support.