Graduation Event of Rotary Hands Across Waters Program

On 17 March 2021, as part of the Letter of Intent signed on 14 October, 2020, SHUKALB joined the efforts of Rotary Club of Haifa in Israel, Hi-Teach, and Rotary Club of Tirana International, in organizing the international annual graduation event held virtually with the presentation of scientific works done by students in the framework of the Rotary Hands Across Waters (RHAW) innovative STEAM educational Program. This was the final phase of the program.

The online event attracted an audience of over 350 participants that included students and teachers from 15 high schools from Israel, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Kosovo, Albania and USA. SHUKALB started the implementation of the Program for the first time this year, as a pilot, with the participation of two high schools from Tirana, “Ismail Qemali” and “Qemal Stafa”.

The “Ismail Qemali” high school was presented with two projects:

  • Water Conservation – Full utilization in everyday life”, prepared by students: Atea Caslli, Devis Samarxhi, Erton Mara, Fjora Dragjoshi, Gentian Qinami, Hera Gishti, Joel Plaku, Keisi Bekteshi, Klea Leli, Klei Qorri, Kostandinos Mema, Marin Zilenxhiud and Sara Roçi .


  • Go ECO! Go FRIENDLY! – Transforming your school to an eco-one”, prepared by students: Alisa Hasa, Katja Fusha, Lutis Picorri, Paola Pesjaka and Trejsi Fusha.


The students were assisted by teachers Ermira Milori, Gjergji Fusha, Jonida Varfi, Najda Pashaj and Silva Grori.

The “Qemal Stafa”high school was presented with two projects:

  • Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment” (Reusing rainwater), prepared by students: Elda Vladi, Arla Merja, Mateo Keraj, Jorida Cenaj, Klara Guda and Gledisa Herri.


  • Atmosferic Water” prepared by students: Grejsi Zaimaj, Isak Bego, Sindi Celmeta, Ali Peka, Esmeralda Qefalia and Arber Xhauri.

The students were assisted by teachers Junilda Mato, Xhensila Duzha, Refide Xhafkollari, Elena Sulo, Donika Curraj and Valentina Lamaj.

The projects prepared by the students from Albania were very impressive and the students made very professional presentation of their work, in the English language, as this is an international program.  This was highly appreciated by the organizers, especially considering the fact that this was the first time that this Program was implemented in Albania.

SHUKALB has a serious and longstanding commitment to investing in the education of young generations on issues related to water and environmental protection, with several programs that it has developed itself, or as part of cooperation with other international organizations.  These programs target students at different levels of education, starting from 3rd grade, up to university level, and they are being organized as part of a long relationship with the Ministry of Education. Until today, SHUKALB’s education and outreach programs have involved around 42,000 students at different levels of education.  SHUKALB looks forward to continuing the cooperation with Rotary Club of Haifa in Israel, Hi-Teach and Rotary Club of Tirana International, and to spread the implementation of “Hands Across Waters Program” to more schools across the country, providing an opportunity for high schools students to be exposed to this international experience that the program offers, learning also from their peers in other parts of the world.