SHUKALB Organizes Orientation Sessions for the Teachers Involved in the “Friends of Water” Program for 2021

Olta Alla, Manager of Programs of SHUKALB during the orientation session on 12 October 2021, delivered in Tirana.
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

On 12 and 22 of October 2021, SHUKALB organized orientation sessions for the teachers of elementary schools, as well as the representatives of water utilities, who are participating in SHUKALB’s education and outreach program “Friends of Water”. The “Friends of Water” Program is a program dedicated to 3rd grade students of elementary schools, and SHUKALB has been organizing it each year, since 2007 in partnership under a formal MoU with the Ministry of Education.

The program this years, involves a total of 26 water utilities and 66 elementary schools from different cities across Albania.  The implementation of the program for 6 water supply and sewerage companies and 26 elementary schools in the Municipalities of Tropoje, Diber, Klos Himare, Ura-Vajgurore and Devoll, is being implemented with support of the “Accompanying Measures Rural Water Supply III” Program, funded by the German Development Bank KfW and the Albanian Development Fund.

The orientation sessions were opened by Elisabeta Poci, Executive Director of SHUKALB and conducted by Olta Alla, Manager of Programs of SHUKALB, who presented the program content and objectives, materials, water cycle in nature, water resources, drinking water treatment, how to save water, wastewater treatment etc.  The participants received guidance and orientation on how to use the program materials, teacher’s guide, the program schedule, as well as other related logistics of the program.

Each of the participants received the program materials to include the children’s booklet, teacher’s guide, drawing sheets and posters of the program.

During the online orientation session with teachers and the representatives of water utilities representatives, delivered on 22 October 2021.
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

Based on the orientation received at these sessions and the use of program materials, the teachers will continue the implementation of the program at their respective schools.

The program combines instructions on key learning principles regarding water, with work activities that engage the student and reinforce the learning principles.  At the end of the program, each student is asked to express what they have learned by the program in a drawing.  The drawings will be collected and evaluated at the local level, and the three best drawings from each school become part of a National Exhibit “Water through the Eyes of Children” that SHUKALB will organize in December 2021.