Pilot Plant for Wastewater Treatment of Dairy Erzeni Is Installed and Put Into Operation

Jan Boele de Jong (Afmitech Friesland) and Mitat Begaj (Erzeni)
Photo Credit: Afmitech Friesland

The discharge of dairy and other industrial and municipal wastewater causes that almost all the rivers and lakes in Albania are seriously polluted. Water companies in Albania have started with constructing and putting in operation wastewater treatment plants for smaller and bigger cities. In the near future the dairy industry also has to reduce the discharge of wastewater to surface water and sewage system. Besides, a centralized and branched sewage system is not always present, hence decentralized wastewater treatment option has to be developed.

Therefore the Dutch companies, Afmitech Friesland B.V. and Yuniko B.V., supported by the Netherlands Partners for Water programme, have started a pilot plant project for a decentralized waste water treatment system at dairy processing companies in Albania.

About the preparation and the test programme of the project an article already has been published in the SHUKALB Burimi E-newsletter: “An innovative decentralized solution for industrial and domestic wastewater treatment in Albania”.

It is important to mention the interest and efforts of the dairy Erzeni in this project. They are committed to contribute in a more sustainable and clean environment.

Installation of the plant

The plant is constructed in The Netherlands and transported to Albania. Together with the staff of Erzeni dairy, during the period of 22 March until 2 April of this year the plant is placed into the ground and connected with the waste water sewer, electricity and internet. See photo reporting below.

Putting the tank into the ground and starting it up.
Photo Credit: Afmitech Friesland

Getting sludge from Durres Wastewater Treatment plant
Photo Credit: Afmitech Friesland

During the start-up the plant is inoculated with activated sludge from the WWTP of Durres, thanks to the kind efforts from SHUKALB and cooperation with the management of the Durres WWTP.








The plant can be controlled by Afmitech in the Netherlands by way of an internet connection. The daily operation is performed in an excellent manner by the Staff of Erzeni.

Schematic representation of the pilot plant at Erzeni dairy

Bever pilot plant will run from now for about 3 weeks so the activated sludge can become adapted to the dairy waste water. After this period we will start with monitoring the treatment process by performing sampling, analyses and calculations to estimate the most important process parameters.


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