Korca Water Supply and Sewerage Company Launches the “Update your data” Campaign

Informative posters on updating customer data, placed at customer’s service facilities in the city of Korça
Photo Credit: Korca WSSC

“Update your data” represents an awareness campaign undertaken recently by Korca Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Korca WSSC), following the fiscalization reform launched by the Albanian Governmet over a year ago. Aiming to avoid incorrect declarations by Korca WSSC, this campaign comes as a call to citizens to declare their data, thus facilitating the bridge of cooperation established between the company and its customers.

For many years, Korca WSSC has focused its daily work on the maximum effort to become the Company of the Future and the LEADING provider of water supply and sewerage services in Albania and the region. A Company of the Future provides high quality services in a highly efficient manner while also being innovative, inclusive, customer market oriented and sustainable.

Good customer service represents the main objective for the company, together with other elements of sound service management, such as: organization and strategy, human resource management and financial management. In its mission, Korca WSSC considers it necessary to build strong foundations of cooperation, promoting mutual trust and transparency, encouraging the exchange of information, knowledge and ideas to achieve common strategic goals. What Korca WSSC aims to achieve is for the customers to be engaged, to be informed, to express their evaluation and to give suggestions on the elements the customer thinks should be changed, thus serving to further improvement of the services.

“If the foundations of the cooperation we seek to build will be properly shaped, this will facilitate any problem solving in the future. We cannot properly implement this cooperation in order to improve our work and increase the performance, if we do not have updated data of our clients, to make them accurate and to avoid inaccurate statements” – says Ina Kosta, Specialist of Public Relations at Korca WSSC.

What are the target groups?

Pursuant to Law No. 87/2019, dated 18.12.2019 “On the invoice and traffic monitoring system”, published in Official bulletin No. 3, dated 20.01.2020, subject to the fiscalization of the invoice will be:

  1. Clients – institutions
  2. Clients – private entities
  3. Clients – family

 What are the steps of the campaign?

This campaign includes both urban and rural areas, therefore this call applies to all customers Korca WSSC.

The steps that Korca WSSC has taken for this campaign are:

  • Direct communication with citizens at the company’s counters and follow-up of all situations case by case, to properly orient customers based on the categories they belong to.
  • The special cases that have been presented have been handled with great professionalism by the legal office, providing solutions to the customers’ problems.
  • Promotional materials have been prepared to visually present this campaign, so that citizens are informed in any form about the way it is organized.
  • Media interviews were conducted to inform citizens and to clarify their categories regarding the purpose and continuity of this campaign.
  • Continuous publication of the campaign also through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin).
  • Preparation of a video animation, which describes the entire process of declaring data by citizens and the main purpose for which they will be used.

 What is the feedback received?

This campaign went quite well and it was welcomed by the citizens, who rushed to declare their data at the counters where water bill payments are made. This campaign was well received for the simplicity with which it was presented, not only in the search for documents, but also in the speed of the service provided.

Mainly, great interest in updating the data has been expressed by the category of citizens who continue to have their water bill in the name of a family member who has passed away, by citizens who have sold and bought their assets, as well as by businesses that wish to continue with fiscalized invoices that carry correct data.