World Water Monitoring Challenge Program


The primary goal of World Water Monitoring Challenge is to educate and engage students on 8-th graders school in the protection of the world’s water resources. The specific objectives of this program are:

  • To bring students together to learn about the
    Monitoring in Tirana Artificial Lake, 2012

    Monitoring in Tirana Artificial Lake, 2012

    importance of monitoring their local water resources and what they can do to help protect them;

  • To gather information about the quality of local body waters in many sites for a specific period of time.


The Program is planned to be conducted from March 22 to December 31. All monitoring data are reported

online before December 31. The program is conducted in three stages as follows:

First Stage: Signing of official Cooperation Agreement between the Association and the Albanian Ministry of Education and Sports on World Water Day, 22 March.

Second Stage: The Association conducts training course for biology – chemistry teachers of 8-th grade schools. Students receive the Instruction and Test Kits. The WWMCH test kit includes everything they need to test for temperature, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen, including:

*  1 Instruction booklet                                       *  50 pH reagent tablets (enough for 50 tests)

*  1 Sample collection jar                                   *  100 Dissolved oxygen reagent tablets (enough for 50 tests)

*  1 pH test tube                     *  1 Color chart for determining DO, pH and turbidity test results

*  1 Dissolved oxygen vial                                 *  1 Mini pencil

*  1 Secchi disk decal                                        *  1 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

*  2 Temperature strips (14-40°C and 0-12°C)world water

Final Stage: Results are published each year in the Year in Review Report and made available on the WWMD website


monitoring in tirana

Monitoring in Tirana Artificial Lake, 2013


Students involved in 2012 and 2013

monitoring world water 1 world water 2