High school “Science Fair” Program


The main purpose of the High School Science Fair Program is to encourage analytic thinking and experimental working between high school students. This is made possible through the collaboration with two important institutions, the Harry Fultz Institute in Albania and the Polytechnic Institute of Worcester (WPI) in the USA. The Harry Fultz Institute is the first that is implementing a program for high school students to address water issues. This program will be spread throughout Albania.  


The Program is planned to be conducted over a period of 6 months, culminating at the World Water Day, 22 March, with a Science Fair.

First Stage: Signing of the official Cooperation Agreement between the Association and the Albanian Ministry of Education and Sports.

Second Stage: The Association conducts a training course for science teachers of high schools level. Students will receive the Instruction and experimental materials.

Final Stage: The developed projects from each school will be displayed in a Science Fair at the local level, on the World Water Day, March 22.  Awards will be given to the best projects.



Quality and cost of tap, filtered and bottled water Project


Temperature effect on water bottles Project


Methods for filtering river water


Hydropower Project


“Harry Fultz” students working with respective projects