Erasmus+ WATER- Work-based Learning Paths in Water Management Project

On September 2019, SHUKALB joined the Work-Based Learning Paths in Water Management (WATER) Project, which is being financed by EU, in the framework of the ERASMUS + Programme.  The Project is being led and coordinated by the Associazione FO.RI.S. – Formazione, Ricerca e Sviluppo, a training body accredited by the Apulia Region and active in research and development for innovation in education and training.  The other partners of the Project are Universitat Politecnica De Valencia, Spain; Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning Mcgill University, Canada; University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork, Ireland; Acquedotto Pugliese Spa, Italy; Fondazione Its Antonio Cuccovillo, Italy.

Main objectives of the project:

The WATER project is an Erasmus+ Exchange of Good Practices proposal aiming at updating, upgrading and fertilizing with state-of-the-art approaches and tools the professional profile of the Water Resources Manager across Partner EU and Third Countries. The best practices’ sharing among the partners will contribute to enlarge the vision of the topic of each organization starting from analyzing the more challenging water-related problems and trying to understand how should be shaped in terms of innovative knowledge and set of skills then future professional profile of the water resources manager. In fact, the project develops in line with the increasing urgency of adopting joint and efficient approaches for a rational use of water as a limited fundamental resource, according to the Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Moreover, the project faces the topic of efficient management of water from an Educational perspectives, in order to innovate available technical training programmes in the different countries.  The foreseen training visits will permit to deepen excellent projects and best practices in the field of water management, reinforcing the cooperation and the mutual learning between Education Providers, Research Institutes, and Enterprises. More in detail, each partner organization will capitalize the project results at its on level.

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