Regional Capacity Development Network for Water and Sanitation Services (RCDN)

The project “Regional Capacity Development Network (RCDN) for Water and Sanitation Services” aims at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the water utilities in the Western Balkans, contributing to better service provision with larger numbers of population groups getting access to drinking water and sanitation services and meeting the EU environmental Acquis Communautaire.

The project is jointly financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and development (BMZ), and it is administratively embedded in the GIZ Project “Open Regional Fund for Southeast Europe – Modernisation of Municipal Services (ORF MMS)”, commissioned by BMZ.

Three key sets of activities will contribute to achieve the RCDN project outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: The Associations of water utilities and municipalities in the Western Balkans, in cooperation with NALAS and IAWD, are enabled to deliver quality capacity development measures to water utilities and municipalities in the frame of the RCDN in a financially sustainable manner.
  • Outcome 2: Management and technical staff of water utilities and public officials of municipalities have access to and make use of RCDN’s high-quality, demand-oriented and formal capacity development products.
  • Outcome 3: National Authorities, International Financial Institutions and Donors promote the use as well as contribute to the improvement of the RCDN capacity development offer.

The RCDN builds upon and integrates the existing CD activities, on regional as well as national levels, and facilitates scaling-up and further replication throughout the region. Strengthening capacities of associations for collaborative CD delivery is core of the methodological approach. The project will provide the necessary assistance for introducing and enhancing functional capabilities, procedures and instruments that shall allow the RCDN partner associations to deliver fee-based CD products to water utilities and municipalities in an effective manner.

To this end, the project will enable 16 associations of municipalities and water utilities from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as their regional networks NALAS and IAWD, to facilitate and coordinate CD initiatives in the region and to support the delivery of CD measures to water utilities and municipalities in the respective countries. It will also involve further key stakeholders, such as lending institutions (International Financial Institutions – IFIs, etc.) active in the infrastructure sector which are interested in strengthening capacities to develop and secure their operations in the water and sanitation sector or Donors which may benefit from a regional platform to identify CD needs, dialogue with the stakeholders and their design policies.

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