Governing Bodies


General Assembly of the Association

The General Assembly of the Association is made up of all members in all member categories, who are current in their payment of the established annual dues of the Association. All members are entitled to elect members to the Board of Directors by category of membership.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of not less than eight (8) members and is elected once in three years by the Members of SHUKALB as follows: Utility Directors (8) with two (2) elected from each of four defined regions of the country; one (1) representative from the Private Sector members; one (1) representative from the Public Institution members, and one (1) representative from the Individual Members. In addition, the Young Water Professionals of Albania are represented on the Board by their Chairperson.

Petrit Tare President General Director Korça Utility
Elton Kacidhja Board Member General Director Tirana Utility
Spartak Kovaci Board Member General Director Durres Utility
Elona Hodaj Board Member General Director Vlora Utility
Mark Molla Board Member General Director Shkodra Utility
Tajar Bici Board Member General Director Gramsh Utility
Jetnor Haska Board Member General Director Tepelena Utility
Zef Maci Board Member General Director Lezhe Utility
Donato D’Agostino Board Member President of Chimica D’Agostino s.p.a
Arlinda Ibrahimllari Board Member Chair of YWP Group Albania