Albanian Water Supply and Sewerage Companies Take Actions to Prevent and Protect Against the Spread of COVID-19

Disinfection of Lezha WSSC premises as a measure against COVID-19
Photo Credit: Lezha WSSC

In response to the emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19 virus and the special normative acts issued by the Albanian Government, the water supply and sewerage (WSS) companies all over Albania have taken proper administrative measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

SHUKALB is closely monitoring the situation and has been constantly in contact with its member WSS companies, keeping track on the progress of the actions taken, as well as to share relevant information with them.

Most of the WSS companies have organized the staff into special working groups as per the respective sectors. Each of the groups have been assigned with specific actions to be taken to ensure the continuity of the activity to include water supply, collection and disposal of wastewater in the system, the continuity of wastewater treatment, customer care, timely interventions against defects, etc.

Customer care counters of Korca WSSC, where special signs are placeds for keeping the distance
Photo Credit: Korca WSSC

The WSS companies have cooperated and coordinated their actions with their respective municipalities as well as the local police, in order to quickly and efficiently solve any issues or defect in the water and wastewater system, to take joint actions regarding disinfection of kindergartens, nurseries, and public spaces, as well as to facilitate the work of the field staff.

Some of the companies, where it was possible, have ordered part of their administrative staff to work from their homes.  All employees have been equipped and instructed to wear masks and gloves, and hand sanitizers are placed at all the premises and offices of the companies, as well as at the customer service points.  Companies have completed the disinfection of their offices, all premises at customer care counters, water supply stations, reservoirs, and sewerage network as well as wastewater treatment plants.  Also, they have ensured and stored the necessary supply of hypochlorite for disinfection of the drinking water, reservoirs, in compliance with the approved norms and instructions of the National Directorate of Public Health.

Disinfection of drinking water pumping stations at Vlora WSSC as a measure against COVID-19
Photo Credit: Vlora WSSC

Through the local media and their social networks, the WSS companies have shared relevant information for their customers regarding the reduced schedules and the location of open customer service counters, bill payment options including online payments through banks, publication of phone numbers for questions or complaints, suspension of late payment fees for the bills of February and March 2020, etc.  Many companies have placed special signs at their customer care points, in order for the customers to respect the queues and maintain the necessary distance from each other.

In addition, SHUKALB is conducting a survey on the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on water and wastewater systems, and will publish soon a full analysis of the results on its website.

At the link below we are sharing some photos during the measures taken by the WSS companies of Shkodra, Lezha, Durres, Korca, Vlora, Berat-Kuçova and Gjirokastra.