SHUKALB is Preparing to Start Its Most Popular “Friends of Water” Water Education and Awareness Program

Children during the National Exhibition of “Friends of Water” Program in 2019
Photo Credit: SHUKALB

SHUKALB is preparing to start in October 2021 the implementation of its most popular and IWA award winning outreach program, “Friends of Water”, implemented under an agreement and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth of Albania.

The overall objective of the Friends of Water Program is to increase the awareness amongst 3rd grade elementary school students regarding water issues through a very interesting and inter-active program combining instruction on key learning principles regarding water, with work activities that engage the students and reinforce the learning principles.

The program for this year will be also implemented with support from the “Accompanying Measures Rural Water Supply III” Program, funded by the German Development Bank KfW and the Albanian Development Fund.

This “Friends of Water” program will target students of 3rd grade at a total of 70 elementary schools across Albania.  The “Accompanying Measures Rural Water Supply III” program will support the implementation of the outreach program in 20 elementary schools from 5 cities, Devoll, Diber, Himare, Ura-Vajgurore and Klos, while the rest of 50 elementary schools will cover the rest of municipalities all over Albania. SHUKALB is excited to be able to restart this annual program again, following its suspension last year as a result of the constraints posed by COVID-19.