Vlora Water Supply and Sewerage Company Undertakes Actions Against Abuses in the Water Supply Network and Reduction of Debtors

Elona Hodaj, Director of Vlora Water Supply and Sewerage Company, together with staff of the Task Force department, during the action for identifying cases of abuses on the network
Photo Credit: Vlora Water Supply and Sewerage Company

The call of Vlora Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Vlora WSSC) to all its customers during the month of August is: STOP Wasting Water!  August is in general a difficult month for Vlora WSSC due to the combined effect of high temperatures and the peak of the tourist season which causes for the population in Vlora to temporarily, quadruple as a result of the many national and foreign tourists.  The Task Force of Vlora WSSC, headed by the director Elona Hodaj, has been undertaking a campaign to identify abuses and illegal interventions in the water supply network, while on the other hand monitor the payments by customers, to increase the collection rate and reduce the debts. The campaign is being implemented not only in the city of Vlora but also on the Administrative Units.

In Zvernec, the situation has been carefully monitored and the Task Force has identified the cases of abuse to the water supply network. The Task Force has been monitoring the pipeline that supplies water to households and commercial customers, and it has interrupted the water supply service to dozens of debtors, but also to families and businesses without a contract with Vlora WSSC. The action is also taking place in Orikum, Center and Shushice Administrative Units, as well as in the entire city of Vlora. At the same time, the identification of unmetered consumers is being carried out, as well as illegal connections are being identified and terminated.

The action has already given its results, as many debtors in significant amounts are now paying half of their debt and for the rest of the debt have they have signed agreements with Vlora WSSC, to be paid in instalments.

The director of Vlora WSSC, Elona Hodaj, states that there will be no tolerance. “Zero tolerance for debtors and those who abuse the water supply network. The campaign will continue and it is hitting illegal actions hard”, says Hodaj.