Dr. Enkelejda Gjinali: A Mentor to All

Dr. Enkelejda Gjinali

Doctor Enkelejda Gjinali [Online image]. Retrieved November 29, 2020, from https://rcdnsee.net/pool-of-trainers-and-moderators/

Professor Dr. Enkelejda Gjinali currently teaches in the Department of Environmental Engineering within the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Tirana.

“I’m always inviting people into the water sector, and wastewater, to me, is the best place to go.”

Albania –
Professor Enkelejda Gjinali always knew she wanted to be an engineer. Both of her parents were successful electrical engineers, and she recalls that “they were working as engineers and they were impacting the lives of others, I wanted to impact the lives of others.”

Professor Gjinali got her chance to start changing people’s lives in many ways, working diligently for her second Master’s degree in France while researching at one of the largest water treatment facilities in the world. After returning to Albania, she began to apply her knowledge to the developing wastewater treatment engineering field while simultaneously beginning her career in education as a teaching assistant at the Polytechnic University of Tirana (PUT).

Doctor Gjinali with multiple water professionals at a table

Doctor Gjinali with multiple water professionals [Online image]. Retrieved November 29, 2020, from http://shukalb.al/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/RCDN-ToT_Dec19.jpg

Professor Gjinali expressed that career resources in education are fairly lacking, and networking and opportunities often come from personal connections. Regardless, Professor Gjinali makes sure to keep in touch with her students to make sure they are up to date on news and opportunities for work in the sector.

Looking to today, Professor Gjinali has helped mold the career paths of many students in PUT’s wastewater treatment program. Working to change mentalities on water, she teaches her students about water as a service.

“It’s really very good to talk about something that everybody has next to them but they have seen it differently. They take it for granted. But you start to open their eyes when you say, what does it mean to pay a bill? Everybody’s calling it a water bill. Is this a water bill? Or is this a bill for services? What kind of services? Water supply, sewerage, taking fresh water to designated water supply, etc. So this part, when you change the mentality of getting something for granted towards something that this needs to be considered, like, a market-oriented service, and you differentiate that you are not selling sugar, you are selling services, and they are not customers, they are clients. So everything comes to another word, and this is what I really like the most.”

Professor Gjinali teaching to a room of students at Epoka University

Professor Gjinali at Epoka University [Online image]. Retrieved November 29, 2020, from http://ce.epoka.edu.al/news-open-lecture-by-prof-enkelejda-gjinali-4140.html

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